Who is Patrishe?

A Successful Life and Leadership Coach, Patrishe was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland; she epitomizes the natural Celtic “knowhow” around Vision and Intuitive Wisdom.

Her passion and goals are focused on supporting her clients in “Moving forward with Purpose”, toward living the biggest and best life they can conceive for themselves.

Her Personal Goal: To take her work to a Higher Level so she can ignite, inspire and motivate more people to live from their heart and intuitive knowing.

She knows the world and the human family would benefit from the energy flows of such “Heartness”.

She is currently in the process of writing her first book, “The Way of the Living Heart” and has a deep desire to have her own Radio/TV show where people can call in and be coached.

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  1. Rising above the gravitational pull of the lower self

  1. Change your identity, change your life

  1. Learning to live with Uncertainty

  1. Relationships in a New World

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There is a vast difference between management and leadership.

  1. Managers get people to do things

  2. Powerful leaders inspire people to become someone

Ultimately we all have to take leadership in our own lives while learning to take the actions that support us in becoming the person we want to be.

Taking care to write the best possible script for lives that are meaningful and satisfying.

Getting clear on the Legacy we wish to leave behind for the betterment of our future generations.

This is what gives our life meaning.

Creating something that will live on after we have moved on.

Patrishe Maxwell

Change your Identity
Change your Life

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